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The Burning Questions:
  Q: Help! The folder I unzipped is empty!  

A: You are a Windows user aren't ya?
Guess what. You didn't actually downlaod the file yet...

Your zip app is trying to open it off the server, which isn't cool with the program I zipped with so you see a blank folder. You have to actually download the file first. (which is also the nicer thing to do with my bandwidth)

Okay, here's what you have to do:

  1. Go back and right click the download link
  2. From the menu you get pick "save link to disk", or the like
  3. Save file where you can find it.
  4. Find file after downloading.
  5. Double click it to unzip fileand work your zip program like normal.
  6. Trash .zip file when done.
  Q: I can't download! It's asking for a password, what is it?!  

A: Not to be rude, but you're not very observant, are ya?

The front page features BIG RED TEXT to tell you where the password is. It appears in the top left hand column on the homepage, under the Pixel Decor Logo, and EVERY page with downloads.

It's on this page too, go look, I'll wait...

Okay, you're back... That is a graphic so when I change the password every so often, the graphic will change as well. So be sure to always look for it.

In case you were humouring me and didn't go up to look, here it is:

  Q:What is this password stuff about? Are you charging now?  

A: NO. But due to bandwidth problems (people downloading everyting on the site via a automated program that devours and spits out an entire site) I have taken this step to slow things down. Passwords cut off the robots from raping and pillaging my site, and tripling my bandwidth. (It got as high as 16GB in ONE month. After passwords the next month was 6GB.)

You will find the current login and password on the homepage under the main logo, and in that spot on every other page where there are downloads.

  Q:Great patterns! Can I use them on my website?  

A: While I would prefer not, (as I'm a professional webdesigner and don't need to be my own competition and all) I know I can't stop you. (sigh!)

While, I intend these spiffy pixelations for purely desktop uses, I will say "Yes" to using them on your personal site if you:

  • Ask me real pretty like first. (Remeber I'm a girl, we like that stuff.)
  • Link this site with a text link or a Link Button on every page they appear.
  • Assure me it's a NON-COMMERICAL site, and not selling things. If I'm not making money off it, you shouldn't either.
  • Ask first. (you seeing a hint here?)

Also dropping a few bucks into the paypal webhosting donations account or buying a shirt doesn't hurt either! (hint! hint!)*

If you don't no biggie, but it would be nice to have a couple more bucks to help at renewal time.

*User support makes me all warm and fuzzy and much more able to make complex decisions on matters such as this since I won't be falling over dizzy from starvation from having to pay for webhosting.

  Q:What about commerical (money making) sites?  

A: I have some very affordable fees. Pending on use it can be as low as $35 and if you order more, you save more per pattern.

If you are gonna make money off a site using my patterns, I should too. It's the only way I can pay for this place.

  Q: Do you have these patterns in high res?  

A: Some.

As of 2003 all new patterns are all produced in high res, and a few older ones have already been redone in high res. Old patterns are being redone in high res all the time.

If you want one that is NOT already done, I charge for my time to make it (a hour or so - not much) for you, as well as a mutually agreeable licensing fee. The amount of the fee depends on how it's to be used, and I'm open to negotiation.

All high res files come in rasterized PSD layered format, 8"x8" at 600dpi. You can simply select the items on each layer and colorize to suit your project and save in the format you wish. All high res files are available for download or I will mail you a CDRom.

If you know the color scheme(s) you want and want to save yourself the work, for and extra $50 I'll do the work and mail you a cdrom or make it available to download. I can make it in any graphic format (tiff, bmp, jpeg, eps...) you wish, as well. Just supply me the colors samples yo want it to go with.

I do plan in the future on offering a CDRom of "Royalty Free" high res patterns for graphic designers and agencies with these files. Those who have bought high res patterns perviously will get a discount, since thier requests helped to make it happen.

Q: I run a Sims site, Can I Make your patts into Skins or walls?

A: See question #1.

Also I would prefer you didn't alter, recolor, or rename them in anyway. i make them in enough colors to begin with. I pick them reason and with period color charts.

Also, I play the Sims! ANd I love playing with my own patts in my games, so please send me a copy of whatever you make! It'd be nice to not have to go find it, I call it a perk!

I prefer that ojects/skins/items made with my patterns not be charged for, or part of a fre section on a pay site.

  Q:Where do you get your ideas?  

A: All kinds of places, TV, movies, old print ads, things at thrift stores... you know... the usual designer spheres of influence.

  Q:How old are you? Were you around in the fifties?  

A: 33, I think. And, No, if you can't do math either, that means I wasn't born yet.

  Q:What is the difference between 128x128
and 256x256 or other larger patterns?

A: Macs can display patterns BEHIND desktop pictures, so say you want Poconos Plaid behind a pic of your dog... you'll need the 128x128 pattern for that as OS 9 has a limit of 128x128 for patterns.

Larger patterns can only be used essentially as tiled desktop pictures. You can pick a background pattern but you won't be able to see it. I make most patterns in 128x128 as well if they shrink down. If I haven't shrunk the one you like, just reduce its image size to 128x128 in Photoshop or the like.

As far as I know (and I know ZIP about XP), but windows users are limited to tiling desktop patterns, they can't put anything over it.

i have two sizes because some like small patts, some like large> That and since mac users are special being able to use both, and since they are 80% of my audience, I'm catering to us...uh I mean them.

Q: What Happend to the .sit files for macs?
A: Due to moving the server and no longer having as much space I decided to lessen my server load by over 60MB by dropping the .sit format. Having two of every download really eats the space.
Q: What the heck is .zip anyway?

A: .Zip is the PC equivlent of .sit. It's the PC standard. Asking PC users to download a app (most have never heard of Unstuffit) to decompress my files is likely to get me 100 complaining emails a week asking where the .zip files are and as Mac users CAN open .zip as easily as .sit without downloading ANYTHING - I figured this was the easiest way.

This changes nothing for anyone - except me who has to make, upload and store half as much! YAY!

MAC USERS: StuffIt Expander will unzip a .zip as effortlessly as it will unsuff a .sit. Just double click your downloaded files like you do normally. Nothing else is required.

(Stuffit Expander may have to be a more
current version - click below to get it.)

  Q:Why the password anyway?  

A: From August 2003:

I have had a constant battle with bandwidth skyrocketing. Seems a there is a number of users sending spiders to come and basically rape & pillage PixelDecor.

I have taken all I can take!

This month this site's traffic has reached 15 GIGABYTES. A normal month is about 5, a busy month is about 10. I have raised bandwidth FOUR times in FOUR days, I was even at one time off line for several hours unil I found a fix. 15 GB is 3/4 of my bandwidth I share with 6 other sites! UNACCEPTABLE!

I can't afford more bandwidth, and I refuse to pay for the opportunity for people to act immorally.

Some of these ***khead offenders have been grabbing as much 65MB (sometimes more) in a single visit, that's half the site damn near (A normal visit is under 1MB).

So, to close these rapists down, I have put a password on my files directory (where *all* the downloadables are stored). This should cut the spiders off. I hope.

As of now I will post the password in the left side top box, on every page (for now), but in the future if this abuse continues I might require you to send a email to an account I will set up to recieve a autoresponder with a regularly changing password. Or I might require everyone join the mailing list or register on the forums to get the password. I haven't decided I will decide when I get there. I am really too frustrated and angry to think clearly right now.

I hate to have to do this, but many site have had to take this step due to such asshats.

I want to keep pixeldecor free, but such abuse of my generosity (which in web terms is $$$$) is absolutly intolerable.

If it continues PixelDecor will HAVE to go subscription only, or go offline completely. The site makes me no money to speak of, and no one ever donates to support it, if it's the only way, it's the only way. I do this for fun, and when it stops becoming fun it's gone. End of story.

I go on vacation on August 8th and I don't want to have to wonder what is happening to my site, if it's online or not. Wondering who is being a piggie and who isn't (I'll be camping (without electricity) an not exactly in a position to DO anything about it anyway) I want to make sure it will still be available to people to use, and not be subject to such blatant disregard for others. This IS the only way I can save myself from just giving the whole thing up entirely.

I also will be IP banning anyone who downloads more than 10MB. (FYI thats a lot of files for PixelDecor, folks, just spread your love out, okay?) Don't do all your pig-like bingeing in one sitting. It's not going anywhere, hopefully, it'll be here when you come back.


Thanks for your understanding, and if you don't understand, BITE ME.

Your Pixel Hostess (with a lessening love of humanity)


Donations ease the pain